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Big Red's big red calculator

Thursday, September 03, 2009

After discovering that most household calculators are not nearly big enough to display the national debt, Colorado businessman Matt Miles set out to fill that market niche by developing his Big Red Calculator - The Official Calculator of the National Debt.
IMAGE It's available at for only $12.99 and, so far, there is one very positive review:

Don't let the novelty packaging fool you. This is a full-featured calculator with added features that set it above a run-of-the-mill unit.
- The display is large - 16 digits! That's up to quadrillions!
If there's any draw back is that it is not pocket-sized. It will easily fit in a backpack and on your desk.
Always one to be thinking ahead, I was wondering what comes after "trillion" and, as indicated in the product review, it is "quadrillion".

We may as well all get used to that one now - instead of $250 trillion, we'll soon be hearing the phrase, "a quarter of a quadrillion dollars".


Evan said...

That's awesome! Perfect for the folks not comfortable with scientific notation. And I think that 6,000,000,000,000 has much more of an impact visually than. 6e+12.

fironzelle said...

"Endorsed by Professional Spenders!" lol

Walker said...

Does this calculator actually support 64-bit integers? Because otherwise it is pointless to have that many decimal positions when you cannot guarantee that many significant digits of precision.

Tim said...

You know, it's been so long since I was an engineer, I don't even understand that question?

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