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Thursday, September 03, 2009

World stocks tick higher; G20 eyed - Reuters
European Central Bank keeps rates steady - AP
White House to Propose Big Reserves at Banks - NY Times
Hong Kong recalls gold reserves, touts high-security vault - MarketWatch
Sheila Bair and the case against a super-regulator - Credit Writedowns
U.S. Consumer Bankruptcies Rose 24 Percent in August - Bloomberg
How Did Economists Get it So Wrong? - Krugman, NY Times
Blistering report faults SEC for Madoff misses - Reuters

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Oil up near $69 on dollar, OECD forecast - AP
Gold steadies above $975, eyes on G20 - Reuters
Asian Shares Mixed; Europe Slightly Higher - NY Times
Money rotating out of energy to gold and silver - Commodity Online
BP Finds 'Giant' Oil Source Deep Under Gulf of Mexico - Wash. Post
Canadian Stocks Rise as Gold Miners Gain on Economic Concern - Bloomberg

More Americans File Jobless Claims Last Week - Bloomberg
A Reluctance to Retire Means Fewer Openings - NY Times
White House to Report on Jobs Saved and Created - CNBC
Who should get credit for a recovery - CNN/Money
Retailers report sales declines for August - AP

Chinese shares surge 4.8% on regulator assurance - CHINADaily
China’s Stocks Rise Most in Six Months; Citic Securities Gains - Bloomberg
Regulator stiffens lender's capital adequacy ratios to 9% - MarketWatch
China Agrees to Buy as Much as $50 Billion in Notes From IMF - Bloomberg
Gordon Brown’s $1 trillion global rescue package unravels - TimesOnline
UK economy to be last to exit global recession, OECD says - Telegraph
South Korean Economy Grows 2.6%, Faster Than Reported - Bloomberg
Joint call for bank bonus rules - BBC

The Reluctant Landlords - WSJ
Housing Market Stabilization 'Undeniable' - U.S. News
Housing recovery hinges on foreclosure peak - O.C. Register
Housing market's bottom difficult to predict - Chicago Tribune

Fed officials more confident recession ending - MarketWatch
Fed Tries to Prepare Markets for End of Securities Purchases - Bloomberg
Risks to U.S. economy have eased "considerably": Fed - Reuters
Geithner Says Too Early to Implement Exit Strategies - Bloomberg

Diane Sawyer takes aim at Brian Williams - MarketWatch
YouTube in talks with major movie studios - CNN/Money
Tricked-out jet combats Calif. blaze - CNN/Money
Giant national debt needs giant calculator - AP


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