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Did Bernanke save the world?

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Another Ben Bernanke retrospective with more questions about whether things might ultimately have turned out better if the Fed chairman hadn't "saved the world".

On his recent nomination for another four-year term, Dean Baker notes,"Reappointing Ben Bernanke because of how he has dealt with the crisis is like giving another command to the captain of the Titanic, based on how effectively he got people into the life boats".


The Real Deal said...

Bernanke 'saved' the world?

Ridiculous hyper-ventilating. The world is not for Bernanke, or the Fed, or even America to save.

But the world was suckered and screwed by both Wall Street shenanigans and Fed faulty ideology. The world will fix things among themselves, and will not trust America again. The smart countries are already operating on the basis that America, Bernanke or otherwise, will not fix itself. Everybody is decoupling to limit the nuclear radiation that will come when USA goes supernova.

Anonymous said...

T Real D

Great Post. I couldn't have said it better with the exception of Capital Punishment needs to make a comeback, and soon.

Wait until the unemployment runs out and the power goes blink.

Our so-called leaders better have pitchfork-proof suits for winter.

Violence, Death and Destruction to Follow.

America is Dead.

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