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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

This 2006 YouTube classic is popping up all over the place today so I figured I'd join in on the fun. It must have appeared about a hundred times on the now-defunct Housing Panic blog.

That last line is obviously for the men of the world circa 2006, "Did you see the size of that garage?" Well of course she saw the size of the garage. Having you out there (and not inside the house) is probably one of the reasons she loves the house so much.



Anonymous said...

That one never gets old.

Tim said...

No, it doesn't...

Aaron Krowne said...

Back in Atlanta today -- it looks like a new most common plant has sprouted up in greater abundance than kudzu: the "for rent" sign. That's even in single-family home neighborhoods, mind you.

The renters shall inherit the earth!!!

fish said...

Slightly closer to Tims old haunts...the "for lease" sign has overtaken both the US and California State flags in prominence around the Sacramento area!

Anonymous said...

He's whipped in so many ways

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