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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Taxpayers face heavy losses on auto bailout - AP
Another Wave of Foreclosures Looms - Wash. Post
As an Exotic Mortgage Resets, Payments Skyrocket - NY Times
Wealthy Families Succumb to Bankruptcy as Real Estate Crashes - Bloomberg
More mortgage servicers will be sued: Ohio attorney genera - Reuters
NY's Cuomo may charge BofA execs over Merrill - Reuters
Five Lessons From the Financial Crisis - WSJ Economics
Waiting for Deep Pockets to Open - Wash. Post

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Oil prices fall below $71 as OPEC gathers - Reuters
Elliott Wave: Will gold fall back to $500? - Commodity Online
Gold is set to soar higher, near term expect $1300 - Commodity Online
Inflation Fear Pushes U.S. Endowments Deeper Into Commodities - Bloomberg
Gold Above $1,000: Indicative of an Imminent Market Fall? - Seeking Alpha
What Gold's Rally Is Telling Us - Lewis, Minyanville

Bankruptcy filings up 22% in August - USA Today
Salaries Down for College Grads in 2009 - WSJ Economics
U.S. consumers cut debt by record $21.6 billion in July - LA Times
Consumers won't bail out economy - CNN/Money
Women gain as men lose jobs - USA Today
Debt o'clock - Economist

Barrick raises billions to cut hedges - Globe Investor
OPEC Committee to Keep Quotas Unchanged - Bloomberg
China Growing 9.5% Evident as New Vehicle Sales Soar - Bloomberg
Britain climbing out of recession as economic growth returns - Telegraph
Mexico Government Seeks Spending Cuts to Avoid Downgrade - Bloomberg
UK on course to keep triple-A credit rating - Guardian
Iranian Atomic Work Nears Bomb Capability - Bloomberg
US no longer world’s most competitive nation - CSM

Economists see housing bottom by 2010 - OC Register
Zandi: Home-Buyer Tax Credit Added 400,000 Sales - WSJ Developments
70% of July home sales in Las Vegas were foreclosures - LA Land
Backlash against banks growing over mortgage modifications - Sac Bee

Evans: Too Early to Reverse Easy Fed Policy - CNBC
Government Solutions Lack Understanding - Ron Paul
Markets, Macroeconomics & the Fed - Capital Spectator
Overspending on Debit Cards Is a Boon for Banks - NY Times

World's biggest monopoly game kicks off - Globe Investor
Thousands Of Abandoned Homes Threatened By Hurricane - The Onion
Goldman Sachs- the Real Death Panels - Goldman Sachs 666
Due Day for Annie Liebovitz - Zillow Blog


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