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Friday, October 23, 2009

Why mortgages aren’t modified - Credit Writedowns
Behind the Fed's move to regulate Wall St pay - Reuters
Foreclosures More Profitable Than Loan Modifications - Huffington Post
The Problem is Not TBTF, but TDTR - Naked Capitalism
Pension Funds to Buy Gold as Insurance - Bloomberg
Dems seek cover to boost debt limit - Politico
China and America: The odd couple - Economist
Pay curbs are not the answer - Reuters

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Oil holds above $81 as global economy recovers - AP
Gold Set for Fourth Weekly Gain as Dollar Weakens - Bloomberg
Investors, not demand, driving up price of gas - SF Gate
Dollar depreciation: Denial or acceptance - Economist
10-Year Bull Market Starting: Chief Investor - CNBC
Take Profits Now, Consolidation Is Upon Us - CNBC

Strong rebound seen for home sales - AP
$13 an Hour? 500 Sign Up, 1 Wins a Job - NY Times
Stimulus’ big boost to the economy? It already happened. - CSM
7,000 unemployed Americans lose their lifeline every day - CNN/Money
Economists perform dismally again - Guardian
Has the recession receded? - Wash. Post

China's Economic Outlook - Roach, CFR
Britain's hopes of escaping recession dashed - Telegraph
This recession just became a depression - Telegraph
BOE More Likely to Expand Bond Purchases on GDP Slump - Bloomberg
China's urban jobless rate reported steady at 4.3% - MarketWatch
Bank of England will not target asset bubbles - Telegraph
Capital controls in Brazil - FT

3 signs of the next real estate collapse - Fortune
Four-Year-Olds Got Homebuyer Tax Credits, U.S. Says - Bloomberg
HOPE NOW Pushes HAMP for Unemployed Homeowners - HousingWire
Could HVCC Be History?? - CNBC

American banks: The pyramid principle - Economist
Fed Plans to Vet Banker Pay to Discourage Risky Practices - NY Times
Paulson revealed policy at Goldman Sachs meeting, book alleges - Times Online
Bernanke: Speeding up credit card rules could hurt consumers - Boston Herald
Dollar’s Doom Puts a Face on New $1 Million Bill - Bloomberg

Top 10 highest paid execs - CNN/Money
Google Searchers Are Obsessed With The Dollar Collapse - ClusterStock
Economic Impact on Dentists, Vasectomies, Guns and Shark Attacks - CoinByCoin
Poll: US belief in global warming is cooling - AP


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