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Home buyer tax credit fraud

Thursday, October 22, 2009

There appears to be a good deal of fraud in the home buyer tax credit program. Apparently an unusually high number of teenagers (and at least one four-year old) have applied for the tax credit that does not require that the recipient pay any taxes before getting a check.

Give me a Break... Author, columnist, and long-time ABC investigative reporter John Stossel, who once co-anchored the popular 20/20, show is now with Fox News...

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Anonymous said...

Ha, John didn't seem to like being called a member of "Fox Family". Personally, I like watching Fox. They hit both sides of the issue typically.

kwark said...

So "home buyers" are following in the footsteps of the titans of Wall Street. Yawn, how shocking. Now blowhards like John Stossel will yammer endlessly about this bit of information to deflect attention from the BIG crooks on Wall Street. Soon every available FBI agent will be tracking-down these idiots while each day Goldbags Sachs alone walks off with 1,000 times as much as these relatively penny-ante cheats.

staghounds said...

Relax- it's not a real news organisation.

Anonymous said...

That's right Staghound, it's not a real news channel, unlike CNN, ABC, MSNBC, et al, who have no bias whatsover.

Seven said...

Bias is one thing. Outright lies is quite another.

Anonymous said...

God, some of you are pathetic. Take off your partisan glasses. For every Fox news story trumpeting some right wing point, there is a CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, or other network doing the same thing for the other side. Except they've been at it longer. And their ratings are much lower because they turned people off years ago. Fox wins because more (not all) of what it says resonates with people.

Why not put an end to ALL fraud, instead of bickering about who does more damage?

What Stossel is saying is that politicians are crooks, government is prone to doing bad things, and so let's simplify it and make it as small as possible. There is a middle ground between anarchy and a nanny state that sucks up over half our resources.

But noooo, you have to get your digs in and make some network "evil" so you feel superior. In doing so you simply reveal your own mental illness and "issues" with those more succesful than yourself. "they're rich, I'm poor, they must have stole the money! So let's tax it away from them so they don't have more than I do!"

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