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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The perils of cheap money - Telegraph
Citi results weighed down by failed loans - AP
Goldman beats Street on big bond trading profits - Reuters
Mark-to-Make-Believe Turns Junk Loans to Gold - Bloomberg
Social Security makes it official: No COLA in 2010 - AP
Wall Street on track to award record pay - MSN Money
FDIC bank fund in the red until 2012 - CNN/Money
Goodbye, Macroeconomics - FT
Wall Street Smarts - NY Times

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Oil falls back under $75 after one-year high - Reuters
Gold Falls as Rally to Record Encourages Some Investors to Sell - Bloomberg
How Marc Faber And John Paulson Are Playing The Inflation Trade - The Money Game
History Shows Dow Gets Tired at 10,000, Other Round Numbers - CNBC
The rumours of the dollar’s death are much exaggerated - FT
Dow at 10,000? Wake me when it's 14,000 - MarketWatch
Don't Reinflate the Old Bubbles - Wash. Post

Inflation up modestly in September - AP
NY Empire Factory Index Surges to Highest Since 2004 - Bloomberg
Initial Jobless Claims Fall to Lowest Level Since January - Bloomberg
The Dow doesn't represent the economy - MarketWatch
10,000 apply for 90 factory jobs - Courrier Journal
Extending the Recession Indefinitely - Mises

Bloc looks to boost cross-border trade - CHINADaily
Dollar to Hit 50 Yen, Cease as Reserve, Sumitomo Says - Bloomberg
Northern Exposure: Could Canada's Recovery Stall? - Globe Investor
Andy Xie: For Economic Stimuli, a Revolving Exit Door -
Treasury slams EU report warning Britain faces debt spiral - Telegraph
China reportedly to trim loans to some sectors - MarketWatch
Fresh lending tops 500b yuan in September - CHINADaily
Ireland’s slow motion fiscal crisis - A Fistful of Euros

Driving Off Another Mortgage Cliff - Real Clear Markets
Foreclosure Filings Jump 23% to Record in Third Quarter - Bloomberg
Chances Are, Most HAMP Mods Won’t Work: Amherst - Housing Wire
Lunacy in Las Vegas Housing - CNBC

Fed Leaders Differed on Outlook - Wash. Post
Watchdog: Treasury and Fed failed in AIG oversight - AP
Banks should lend even as they face losses, regulators say - MarketWatch
Time to Hire Bernard Madoff to Run U.S. Treasury - Bloomberg
Fed believes recovery is here - CNN/Money

Harrods to sell gold bullion for first time - Telegraph
The Gervais Principle, Or The Office According to “The Office” - RibbonFarm
Roomba Creators Create Robot That Is Gross and Squashy - NerdWorld
Hong Kong apartment sells for whopping $57 million - AP


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