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Oil and gold contest - last day for entries!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today is the last day for entries in the seventh installment of the semi-annual "Guess the price of oil and gold" contest - be sure to get your guesses in by midnight PST today or they will not be accepted. Here's one last look at the historical chart:
IMAGE A free one-year subscription to the investment website Iacono Research (a value of $159) will be awarded to the contestant with the lowest combined percentage error between their guesses and the prices for these two important commodities at the end of the year.

For full contest details and all entries that have been submitted so far, see these two previous items from last week and earlier this week. Entries may be made either by posting them in the comments section of this post (or either of the prior two posts above) or sending mail to either or

The winner will be announced on December 31st - good luck to all!

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domus said...

Hi Tim,

these are my entries:

Gold: $ 1183
Oil: $ 88

Pool Shark said...

In light of Bernanke's "Strong Dollar" Policy, I think:

Gold: $1,250
Oil: $90

The asset bubble won't pop until next year...

Anonymous said...

Gold: $1,278
Oil: $82

ycching said...

Gold: USD1050.00
Oil: USD100.00


AJ said...

Gold 1200
Oil 95

Banner Moffat said...

Banner says Gold: $1200; Oil: $84

Anonymous said...


WorstIsOver said...

Gold: $1,015
Oil: $78

ip said...

Gold: $1215
Oil: $85

Jeff said...

Gold: $1052
Oil: $72

APB said...

Gold at 1111
Oil at 72

Tim said...

Note: Since I got a late start in kicking off this contest and people are still entering guesses, I'm going to let this run at least through the rest of the day, perhaps over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Gold $950
Oil $50

(Not that I believe this is the future, but to stake out one possible future.)

Anonymous said...

$65 and $1025

Tim said...

Entries are now closed.

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