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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Geithner wants strong dollar, will tackle deficit - Reuters
Boom or Bust Leaves Bankers With Bum Choices - Baum, Bloomberg
Former Bear Stearns executives acquitted of lying to investors - Washington Post
Fed Faces Biggest Blow to Independence, Powers in Dodd Proposal - Bloomberg
Trial mortgage modifications offered to nearly 1 million - USA Today
Zoellick: World Economy Faces Bank, Bubble Risks - Bloomberg
Report: AIG CEO ready to quit over pay constraints - AP
Gold: how high can the price go? - Telegraph

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Oil up to near $80 as the dollar weakens - AP
Gold rises towards $1,120/oz as dollar slides - Reuters
Jim Rogers: Invest in agri commodities, not in gold - Commodity Online
Commodity ETFs: Returns May Not Always Match Expectations - CNBC
Chanos Condemns ‘Monstrous Idea’ That Banks Love - Bloomberg
Stephen Schork: More Upside In Oil - HAI

Job openings remain close to record lows - AP
Unemployment May Cause Loan Defaults in US: Zoellick - CNBC
U.S. Should Try Germany’s Unemployment Medicine - Bloomberg
Yellen Is More Worried About Disinflation - WSJ Economics
The Coming Inflation Scare: Ignore it - Bondad

China industrial output,retail sales up in October - AP
Russia Warns of Crisis If Ukraine Misses Payment - Bloomberg
Recession Upends German Zeal for Fiscal Prudence - NY Times
King: UK economy has 'just started' on recovery road - Telegraph
China’s Lending Growth Slows as Officials Tighten Credit Terms - Bloomberg
Bank of England Lifts Forecasts for Inflation, Growth - Bloomberg
China Hints at Yuan's Departure From Dollar Peg - CNBC
World Bank chief warns of U.S. troubles - AP

Figuring out the home-buyer tax credit - LA Land
Median home prices fell nationwide in third quarter - USA Today
Minnesota Judge Delivers Setback to Struggling Homeowners - WSJ Developments
Shadow Inventory Dwarfs Loan Mods - Olick, CNBC

Dodd's reform plan takes aim at the Fed - Washington Post
Economists Say Dodd Plan to Split Fed Powers Is Mistake - WSJ Economics
Lockhart Says Banks Haven’t Recovered, ‘Far From It’ - WSJ Economics
Under Attack, Fed Chief Studies Politics - NY Times

Bernie Madoff Property Auction - CNBC
Experts: Placebo power behind many natural cures - AP
‘O.C. Housewives’ Ladera short sale in escrow - O.C. Register
Vatican looks to heavens for signs of alien life - AP



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