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Friday, January 08, 2010

U.S. Loses 85,000 Jobs in December - NY Times
Global Equity Markets: Bubble warning - Economist
Timothy Geithner, I Call Your Bluff - Tavakoli, HuffPost
Bank of America to pay bonuses close to '07 levels - Reuters
Simon Johnson: We're Setting Ourselves Up For A Big Catastrophe - HuffPost
The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission: That 1930s show - Economist
Goldman sued by pension fund over bonus plans - Reuters
Geithner's Time to Give Answers - Issa, HuffPost

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Crude oil prices hold at recent highs - UPI
Gold pares losses after jobs report - MarketWatch
Dollar and global stocks weak after U.S. jobs data - Reuters
Those who dived into bond funds due for splash of reality - USA Today
Contrarian Investor Sees Economic Crash in China - NY Times
Asset markets: The danger of the bounce - Economist

Economy loses 85K jobs, unemployment rate steady - AP
Deficit Reduction and Rebalanced Growth Are Key - Bloomberg
Renters' market: Prices fall 3%, vacancies up 8% - CNN/Money
The economic 'experts' who stopped making sense - Telegraph
Outlook for job market is grim - USA Today

The soap opera of China’s housing boom - FT
Euro-Zone Jobless Rate at Double Digits - NY Times
UK factory gate inflation gathers pace - Telegraph
Aussie Dollar Rises to 25-Year High Versus Pound - Bloomberg
Our problems with Icelandic banks may be the tip of the iceberg - Telegraph
The prospects for a UK recovery: Clambering out of the hole - Economist
China's Newest Export: Better PR for China - HuffPost
China surpasses U.S. in 2009 auto sales - USA Today

Walk Away From Your Mortgage! - NY Times
Housing Market in 2010: The Idiocy Continues - Seeking Alpha
Homeownership: More Nightmare Than Dream? - Time
Still Hunting for a Bottom in Housing - Time

Fed officials see inflation risks - Reuters
Tim Geithner "Protects America From Itself" - Zero Hedge
Are Bernanke & Co About to Clamp Down on Banks? - CNBC
Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Sets Sights On Bankers - HuffPost

Fish Punish Fish For Bad Manners - Live Science
Hispanics in America: Reshaping politics - Economist
The Tea Party Flourishes, Progressives Flounder, Wall Street Wins - HuffPost
Pa. man steals $50, flees on Walmart scooter - AP



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