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It's been a bad day for Tim Geithner

Thursday, January 07, 2010

This coverage from CNN on the AIG emails released earlier today just sounds like more of the same Wall Street-Washington cronyism that the nation is already sick of hearing about.

There were a number of Fox News videos up at YouTube that could have been embedded here instead of the one above, but, somehow, the idea of listening to Michelle Malkin talk about Tim Geithner didn't seem like the right way to end the day.

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OldSouth said...

It's now not a matter of if TurboTax Timmy is thrown under the Obama bus, but when and exactly how.

A bit more twisting in the wind, with a couple of more weeks of horrifying revelations, would serve the Republic better. The more people know about how they have been fleeced, and who did the fleecing, the better chance we have to turn things around.

Greg in LA said...

What do you have against Michelle Malkin?

She has been right on in calling out the crony capitalism and the corruption involved in the bail-outs for the large baks.

I blame Liberal Democrates and Liberal republicans for the mess that we are in. It is fair to put blame where it deserves to be placed. Ms. Malkin has been spot on in this regard.

Tim said...

Well, for one thing, she thwarted me for years in trying to get the top search position for the phrase "Friday Lite" as discussed here from a while back.

Anonymous said...

Its just the usual revolving door of official moving between regulator jobs, and working for the industry that they regulated. The conflict of interest is obvious, and cannot be resolved by regulations written by lobby groups.

Regulators should not be allowed to accept any money/jobs from the industry they regulated, ever. Money prevents impartial thinking in most people, and there is no basis for assuming that regulators will always be chosen from those few who can rise above it.

The system will alway be corrupt if regulators accept bribes dressed up as future jobs/speaking fees/etc...

Anonymous said...

Since Michelle Malkin is a conservative republican ideologue who believes in "free markets" she is also part of the problem. Crony capitalism is a Republican inevibility since they like business more than government. Democrats like Geithner are just following the Republican lead in that sense.

Actually Non-conservatives call out Geithner too, like yves smith at naked capitalism.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Capitalism has been so bad for the world, hasn't it?

(by the way, what we've had here was certainly NOT capitalism, but a bastardization of capitalism and government influence/regulation/cronyism/fraud/etc)

Just what do you think the effect was of a Fannie/Freddie happily buying any and all mortgages up? Do you think any private company would have bought those things?

Who's the idealoge here? Come on, be fair and look for truth, not just answers that support your preconceived predjudices and deep seated issues with those who represent father figures or other deep psych issues. When people use names for others in a pejoritive sense, it immediately destroys their credibility and makes them sound more like catty teenage girls trying to hurt each other. "you know, Sally is a CONSERVATIVE! She's an IDEALOUGE!" (man that's hard to spell).

So rather than assembling facts that match your pre-existing worldview, why not try being objective and taking the facts as they come to build a picture of reality? Building up a bogey-man image of conservatives is no more noble than being bigoted about various races or religions.

What if you were saying "conservatives are bad drivers! They're lazy, and they are cheap with money"?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:23am:

"Just what do you think the effect was of a Fannie/Freddie happily buying any and all mortgages up? Do you think any private company would have bought those things?"

In fact, during the height of the bubble the bulk of mortgages were securitized and bought by private companies; the type of mortgages even Fannie/Freddy would not touch with a 10-foot pole.

So I think you may be "assembling facts that match your pre-existing worldview," to quote one smart person.

Anonymous said...

What do you have against Michelle Malkin?

If this was a Republican administration she would be saying, "Shut up, we're at war, you terrorist-loving traitor."

Greg in LA said...


I disagree, Michelle Malkin and all conservataves battled the Rhino Republicans against Bush when he proposed the first TARP, as well as when Bush and McCain joined Ted Kennedy in attempting to get amnesty for illegal aliens.

In fact it has ben Conservatives who have led the charge against the bail-outs and the quantitative easing. It is liberals who love large governments and large government powers and who believe in massive defacits for social spending and bail-outs.

The republicans who voted for the bail-outs and large defacits are not conservatives. There is a difference between conservatives and republicans.
Liberal policies are the root of our countries problems.

Conservatism belives in living in your means, traditionl values and is firmly opposed to any kind of bail-outs at the taxpayers expense. Conservatism is the answear.

Anonymous said...

When Conservatives get their chance to be in power they give us George Bush.

Greg in LA- Were you for or against the Iraq War? I know the vast majority of conservatives were for it. Were you for or against Patriot Act? All Republicans and most Democrats voted for this legislation. Ron Paul is an execption not the rule in "conservative values".

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