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Friday, January 15, 2010

Fed's balance sheet liabilities hit record - Reuters
Geithner will defend secretive AIG bailout deals - AP
JPMorgan Chase Earns $11.7 Billion in Year - NY Times
China Reserves Soar to Record as Bubble Risk Deepens - Bloomberg
Anger over Wall Street's big bonuses resurfaces, despite Obama policies - Washington Post
Sheila Bair blames the Fed for the credit crisis - Credit Writedowns
Is the Angelides Commission Structurally Flawed? - Naked Capitalism
Who Is the 'One Big Bidder' For US Treasuries? - Jesse's Cafe

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Oil slips below $79 amid stronger US dollar - AP
Gold, commodities are not in bubbles: Jim Rogers - Commodity Online
C.F.T.C. Seeks to Curb Speculative Energy Trading - NY Times
Pimco's assets under management exceed $1 trillion - Reuters
Panel turns its heat on bank and securities regulators - MarketWatch
Stop Coddling Wall Street! - newgeography

Consumer Prices Rose 0.1% in December - Bloomberg
Jobless rate to stay above 8 percent until 2012: CBO - Reuters
The trap: The curse of long-term unemployment will bedevil the economy - Economist
Video-game sales fall in December to close tough year - MarketWatch
On the Retail Inventory "Bounce" - EconomPicData

China property prices accelerate - BBC
China's economy: Not just another fake - Economist
JAL's 2 main units to file for bankruptcy: report - Reuters
China Retail Sales Jump the Most Since 1986 on Stimulus Outlays - Bloomberg
'Significant chance' of second financial crisis, warns World Economic Forum - Telegraph
Google incident illustrates dilemma for foreign companies in China - Washington Post
Ukraine grasps for a measure of stability in presidential vote - MarketWatch
Trichet Pressures Papandreou as Greek Bonds Fall - Bloomberg

Housing Market: Buyer Really Beware - Time
GSEs Could Lose $448bn on MBS Guarantees, Says Amherst - HousingWire
Homeowners Say Banks Not Following Rules for Loan Modifications - ProRepublica
Highest State Foreclosure Rates - CNBC

Bernanke Defends Fed’s Oversight Role - NY Times
Strengthening U.S. Recovery May Intensify Fed Debate on Exit - Bloomberg
Fed supervisory job key to monetary task: Bernanke - Reuters
Geithner Defends Wall Street Tax, Rescue Of AIG - NPR
Who will rescue the Fed? - Felder & Company

Proof of Martians 'to come this year' - Scientific American
Groups ask U.S. to regulate shipping of commercial bumblebees - Washington Post
GM puts brakes on Hummer production - CNN/Money
Oregon at the Tax Crossroad - WSJ



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