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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I must confess, over the last day I've had a hard time keeping my browser away from the page that lists the Top 100 Authors at Seeking Alpha for reasons that should be obvious in the image below (see this item from yesterday for details).
IMAGE Over about the last 18 hours, Peter Schiff has come from out of nowhere to take the number three spot and both John Lounsbury and yours truly both passed Cliff Wachtel and are now gaining rapidly on Joseph Shaefer and Don Dion. Is that the same Don Dion that I kept receiving mail from through Fidelity Investments?

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JanuskieZ said...

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Anonymous said...

Tim - bad news - the Pragmatic Capitalist is gaining on you

Tim said...

Yes, but I'm closing the gap on Lounsbery - I think it'll be OK...

Anonymous said...

I'd say that's the same Don Dion. I was a subscriber to Realmoney and when he came on board there I started receiving penny stock spam from him. Last straw.

Abbi said...

Congrats Tim! Very pleased to see that.

Abbi (your SA editor)

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