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The Senate race in Massachusetts

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Politics is not a topic that normally garners much attention around here (your humble scribe considers himself to be apolitical, not so much for lack of "interest" - which veers more toward the type of interest you have when you slow down for a traffic accident - but for the dearth of "involvement"), but there is a rather important election going on today in the state of Massachusetts where millions of voters are having their say and the nation's political discourse does appear to be taking a turn for the worse (if that's possible).

I remember the days when Keith Olberman was a sports reporter on a local Los Angeles television station back in the 80s or 90s (around the time that Dallas Rains and Johnny Mountain were reporting the weather). Times sure have changed.


Anonymous said...

How is it the voters think 8 years of fraud under the Bush administration gets translated into voting for a Republican?

Do they want 8 more years of fraud? Are they looking to be ripped off by their Insurance companies with Pre-Existing Conditions and RESCISSIONS, by not passing healthcare?

Anonymous said...

I guess voters didn't "believe in the change" and believed they'd be better off with even more change... or does that take them right back to where they were???

Anonymous said...

Maybe people are realizing that government interference is what go us into this financial mess and more interference is going to make it worse.

Adam said...

What about private interest interference in the public sector? Or is there no such thing? ;)

Anonymous said...

Private interest interference is only worthwhile to the extent that the government has the power to interfere.

Example -- backroom deals with pharma. Banks get sweet deals because the fed and Treasury can do whatever they want. etc. etc.

John S said...

Are they looking to be ripped off by their Insurance companies... by not passing healthcare?

The present healthcare "reform" bill is a half-trillion dollar tax increase (which will be immediately squandered elsewhere) with a "promise" of some benefits four years from now. Worse, it forces Americans, with threat of fines and imprisonment, as a condition of citizenship to buy an overpriced product from an unreformed monopoly.

The Dems need to start over and let the Republicans help this time. Since they will be in the minority in 10 months, they should start acting like it.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Tim,

Ahhhhh, He had some bile filled hate to spew against a lot of people there. I don't know anything about the race in Mass but that was pretty biased.

How did MSNBC decide this was something they wanted to put on the air? Very strange.

Anonymous said...

The solution is to cut all programs and all taxes right now. Give me back what is left of my money and I figure out how best to use it. At worst, I won't be paying for all of that wasted nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Olbermann is a joke..I to remember when he was a sportcaster here in LA and debut on KTLA. I used to watch KTLA every night with my family until he started to do the sports. This guy actually made watching sports highlights bad. No idea how this guys is even on the air he is that bad, but I guess thats what you get when you go to Cronell's agricultural school.

Dan said...

Dallas Rains is still at it. Although, his hair is so white now that they can't fully key out the green screen behind him which makes his hair also green.

Anonymous said...

No idea how this guys is even on the air he is that bad

He's not on the air. He's on MSNBC, and all 4 of it's "viewers"

If he's pissed about this election, I'll call that a win. Bring on the gridlock.

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