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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dear politicians: We are fed up - MarketWatch
Government is Too Big to Succeed - Ron Paul
NY financiers to reap $64 billion in bonuses in 2010 - Reuters
FHA plans to require borrowers to produce more cash for down payments - Wash. Post
Unfunded Benefits Dig States’ $3 Trillion Hole: Orin S. Kramer - Bloomberg
White House solutions creating new problems - New York Post
How the big banks rigged the market -FT
Inflation fears - EconBrowser

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Oil under $78 on dollar gains, inventory fears - AP
Gold Falls in New York on Stronger Dollar - Bloomberg
Citigroup reports $7.6 billion quarterly loss - NY Daily News
Bankd of America loses $5.2B in 4Q as it repays bailout - AP
Two More Reasons to Sell Treasury Bonds - Before It's News
What’s Wrong With DBA’s Picture? - Hard Assets Investor

Housing Starts Fell More Than Forecast - Bloomberg
December wholesale prices edge up 0.2 percent - AP
Observations On The Aftermath Of The Artificial Recovery - Zero Hedge
Foreign demand for U.S. assets skyrockets in November - LA Times
The jobless recovery, illustrated - Free Exchange

Shanghai mortgages rise 1,600% in 2009 - China Economic Review
Wen Walks ‘Tightrope’ as Overheating Threatens China - Bloomberg
China targets $1.1 trillion in new loan issuance in 2010 - MarketWatch
Economist warns against China bashing from Washington over trade - ChinaView
Surprise fall in UK unemployment raises hopes worst may be over - Guardian
Markets panicked about prospect of inflationary spiral - Telegraph
Gold rush grips Australia - Commodity Online
Barclays faces £17bn shortfall - Telegraph

Short Sale 'Fraud' Follow - CNBC
Investors dominate home flipping, auctions - SF Gate
Southern California housing market strengthens in December - LA Times
Logjam Continues for Loan Mods; Big Banks Fare Poorly, Data Show - ProPublica
HUD Suspends Anti-Flipping Rule for FHA Loans - Jesse's Cafe

Fed defends actions in AIG case, invites inquiry - Reuters
Big, in Banks, Is in the Eye of the Beholder - Sorkin, NY Times
Fed Should Read Its Own Memo on Rising-Rate Risk - Baum, Bloomberg
The Outlook for 2010: A Critique of Modern Monetary Policy -
The problem with peer-to-peer lending - Salmon, Reuters
The Anti-Fed Fact Sheet - TBP

Boston Tea Party - WSJ
Crayola's Law - Marginal Revolution
James Cameron (and friends) on 'Avatar's' box office domination - LA Times
The Myth that Is FDR - Mises



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