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Monday, February 08, 2010

Secretary Treasurer Tim Geithner was on ABC's This Week yesterday and you have to give the guy credit for at least attempting to instill confidence. The problem is, once you've lost as much credibility as he has and after so many have called for you to step down, sometimes you start to look silly when you keep saying 'absolutely' this and 'absolutely' that.

From the transcript, first on whether or not jobs will be created this spring:
Absolutely. But remember where we were a year ago.
On whether enough is being done to bring down unemployment:
We need to -- we have more work to do, absolutely we have more work to do.
On the U.S. losing it's AAA-rating:
Absolutely not. And that will never happen to this country.
On whether the proposed budget is a serious attempt at deficit reduction:
Absolutely. Again, look what the president proposed.
This is absolutely unconvincing.

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Ted S. said...

Intrade puts the odds at just over 50 percent that he'll last the year:
This is up from about 20 percent last month.

Anonymous said...

He is absolutely a lying sack of beetle dung.

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