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Monday, February 08, 2010

European Central Bank in a Squeeze - NY Times
G7 reaffirms commitment to bank reform - Globe and Mail
With the Euro Falling, US Recovery Is Under Threat - HuffPost
Euro under pressure as Greek crisis becomes a 'huge game of chicken' - Telegraph
The debasement of world currency: It is inflation, but not as we know it - Warburton, GATA
Greenspan Sees ‘Slow’ Recovery, Is ‘Concerned’ If Stocks Drop - Bloomberg
More consumers just say no to credit cards - USA Today
Secret summit of top bankers - Daily Telegraph

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Oil holds above $71 in rebound after sharp slide - Reuters
Gold Increases 0.4% to $1,070.25 an Ounce - Bloomberg
Buy Stock Now to Ride Second Stage of Bull Market - CNBC
Investor frenzy grips Platinum, Palladium ETFs - Commodity Online
Weak Dollar Illusory as Correlated Trade Shows Gains - Bloomberg
Gold falls in Vietnam after orders sales - Alibaba
Cautiously Pessimistic - Hussman Funds

US economic stress hit a peak in Dec. - AP
Long-term unemployed still wait for recovery to arrive - USA Today
No Job Growth for Small Business Spurs Recovery Doubt - Bloomberg
No Double-Dip Slump but Recovery Slow: Geithner - CNBC
Toward a Different Fiscal Future - Hubbard, WSJ

Greece readies tax change to fight crisis - AP
Unions Threaten More Strikes Against Greek Govt - Reuters
Greek Ouzo crisis escalates into global margin call - Telegraph
Greece haunts investors, European shares reverse - Reuters
More than 10,000 Britons declared insolvent every month - Telegraph
Blair’s Business Backers Split in ‘Up for Grabs’ Vote - Bloomberg
Maybe it's the army of bureaucrats we should cut - Telegraph
Ottawa says housing bubble not a concern - Globe and Mail

Mortgage Bankers sells headquarters at a loss - Reuters
Soured NYC deal portends property storm - Globe and Mail
Baby boomers busted by housing market collapse - Chicago Tribune
Homeowners rent out rooms to stave off foreclosure - Mercury News

Geithner Says U.S. Will ‘Never’ Lose Aaa Debt Rating - Bloomberg
Ben Bernanke: The Very Model of a Modern Pliant Bureaucrat - aucontrarian
Bond Traders See Slim Pickings With Volcker Rule - Bloomberg
Fed to lay out interest rate hike plan this week - MarketWatch

Snowpocalypse Seen from Space - LiveScience
Goodell: NFL would consider ban on 3-point stance - AP
'The View' gets political -- viewers love it (and so does D.C.) - LA Times
The story behind that Leno-Letterman-Oprah Super Bowl promo - USA Today


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