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Friday, February 12, 2010

Will markets call EU bluff on Greek rescue? - Telegraph
EU summit on Greece: A half-hearted effort - Economist
China Raises Reserve Requirement to Cool Economy - Bloomberg
Insurer Blames 'Demographics' For 39% Premium Hike In California - HuffPost
Gensler Turns Back on Wall Street to Push Derivatives Overhaul - Bloomberg
Tightening economic policy: Withdrawing the drugs - Economist
Just How Ugly Is The Sovereign Default Truth? - Zero Hedge
Euroland is being crucified upon its cross of gold - FT

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Oil sinks below $74 as crude demand eyed - AP
Gold slides as China move boosts dollar - Reuters
World stocks worried by China policy, weak EU data - AP
Is an ETF the right investment for you? Look beyond the hype - USA Today
Euro falls as Europe's recovery almost stalls - Telegraph
America Lines Up for Piece of Buffett - WSJ

Retail sales rebound in January - MarketWatch
Democrats plan to whittle down jobs bill to win support - USA Today
White House report forecasts tepid job growth this year - Washington Post
The Federal Budget Is Not Like a Household Budget: Here's Why - HuffPost
New Jersey governor declares fiscal emergency - Reuters
Jobless claims figures raise hopes for recovery - AP

Eurozone recovery falters, Germany flat - AP
Greek slump threatens debt plan, EU aid elusive - Reuters
Euro Area Headed for Break-Up, SocGen’s Edwards Says - Bloomberg
Sparse U.S. Listings Prompt Rush on China I.P.O.’s - NY Times
EU Leaders Deploy ‘Bazooka’ to Repel Attack on Greece - Bloomberg
Sovereign risk and the banks: The safety-net frays - Economist
In Japan, the Hummer Is Now Officially Green - NY Times
The crisis in Spain: So hard to bend - Economist

Hear why no foreclosure wave will hit - O.C. Register
30-year loan rates below 5% for third week - Mortage Insider
Panel "Deeply Concerned" over Commercial Real Estate - CNBC
The Poor Are Better Off Renting - WSJ

Elizabeth Warren and Goliath - HuffPost
Fannie, Freddie Spreads Narrowest in 17 Years - Bloomberg
U.S. Fed's balance sheet up in latest week - Reuters
Inside Job - Slate

Tea Parties and the American Political Tradition - WSJ
Sleuths unravel 16th-century Italian murder mystery - Reuters
Boston forgives tickets given during non-storm - AP
The Health Benefits of Chocolate - LiveScience


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