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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A few economics-themed limericks spotted over at the WSJ economic blog this afternoon beginning with Fed chief Ben Bernanke:

“I’m afraid,” said Bernanke to Geithner,
“The debt crisis still has lots of bite in ‘er.
Though it may cause some ranklin’
I’ll print lots more Franklins:
We’ll loosen our money, not tighten ‘er!”
Said Bernanke, stroking his beard,
“This ‘-flation’ is worse than I feared;
All the research I see
Is pointing to ‘de-’;
It’s the ‘in-’ crowd that strikes me as weird.”

One called “Overheard at Goldman Sachs”:
“We assume that you know what you’re doing,
In this ill-advised trade you’re pursuing,
But the opposite bet
That we place on your debt
May eventually hasten your ruin.”
That last one is an instant classic. There are lots more at Limericks Economiques.

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