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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY) is doing his impersonation of a "one-man wrecking crew" when it comes to the 100,000 or so unemployed, who are in desperate need of having their jobless benefits extended, along with thousands of government employees who, were, as a result of Bunning's actions yesterday, told not to report to work.

The Miami Herald reports on the fallout:

The Department of Transportation furloughed nearly 2,000 employees without pay Monday as the government began to feel the impact of Republican Sen. Jim Bunning's one-man blockage of legislation that would keep a host of federal programs operating.

Bunning's "hold" also affects jobless benefits for thousands of unemployed workers, rural television customers, doctors receiving Medicare payments and others.

Bunning, R-Ky., wants the $10-billion price of extending the programs offset by reductions in spending elsewhere in the budget to not drive up the deficit.

Absent that, his objections to proceed with the legislation deny the Senate the "unanimous consent" that Senate rules require for going forward under expedited procedure. The Senate can overcome his objection if 60 of its 100 members vote to do so. So far they haven't, and doing that would take at least four days under Senate rules.
There is also this report of a testy encounter between Bunning and ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl in a "Senate-only" elevator in the Capitol building.

Not that someone putting their foot down when it comes to rising deficits and debt isn't a good idea, but it's worth noting that Bunning plans to step down from his Senate post this fall and he does have something of a history of "erratic" behavior.

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Adam said...

Jim Bunning is a Tea Partier. If this is what Tea Party politics in action is about forget about it.

What a jerk.

Dan said...

It would have been nice to see this kind of filibuster over items such as the "war" on "terror", banker bailouts, BS stimulus packages... but this is ridiculous.

I've said it before but, while unemployment is BS, it can't be the first thing to be cut. It is a neccessary evil in the business cycle of our current, insanely flawed monetary system. We gotta fix the system before we fix its symptomatic problems.

And Bunning is insane.

Tea Party politics are dead. When it first started out, it was good, but it has been infiltrated by people like this. This was not part of the ideology of the early Tea Party folks.

Anonymous said...

bunning is a nut, but he's nutty in a good way......

Pool Shark said...

God bless you Jim.

If the Dems really do give a damn about unemployed workers, all they have to do to gain Jim's support is pay for the extended benefits with leftover 'stimulus' funds.

How about giving some of those billions to workers instead of banksters for a change, eh Harry?

Anonymous said...

I bet he voted for every single bit of legislation that got us in this mess.

Anonymous said...

While some stimulus maybe not spent, that money is not available for unemployment benefits and the transportation projects that are part of this bill.

This grandstanding is not for the workers of our country. It is for his corporatist friends.

It is long term deficit that matters, not short term. I hope he is ridiculed for a long long time.

The votes are already there. For him to slow down the process for what? being a douche. I wonder why he didn't chose Iraq or Afghan War spending for this grandstanding.

Makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

(insert diety of choice here) bless Jim Bunning.

BTW, ridicule has the been the main tool of the left since Obama's election. How's that workin' out for ya?

Anonymous said...

For all of you twits that are so irate over this, please realize that he is making a point to not spend your money. Where do you think it comes from? I'll take more of that sort of governing in any form. If you have a problem with that, feel free to donate a check in the amount of your choice to the Treasury.

Anonymous said...

Hey jerk.

Yeah - Why now? Why these $10 billion. Why not the $10 billion that were used for tax cuts on the rich? What a jerk. And for you to agree with his grandstanding on top of the backs of people through no fault of there own losing their jobs and not finding decent paying jobs as a replacement is sick.

Drive down wages for what? For this?

donna said...

Funny how Bush tax cuts were ok, though, even though they increased the debt, huh?

donna said...

And funny how those who are idiots are always "anonymous"....

oc bear said...

I think we are confusing unemployment and public assistance. Unemployment is a temporary insurance program to help while looking for a job. Once they are structurally unemployed people need to move to programs that include retraining, housing, food stamps, and other assistance. The money is there.

Anonymous said...

"the money is there" =

"Your money is theirs"

And Donna, I agree with you about 1:53 PM.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how happy you people will be in about 10 years that they continued to spend more money we didn't have on unemployment and other "needed" things while refusing to cut spending elsewhere. Maybe the guy is trying to force them to be responsible. Then again, little kids pitch fits when they don't get what they want too.

Because in about 10 years that $500,000 of life savings you've amassed might buy you a sofa and the economy may resemble Weimar Germany's. But hey, it's easier to just call the man names than to grow up and realize that there isn't a piggy bank you can raid for everything you want. Ever consider that the guy is trying to do us all a favor by not participating in the destruction of our currency?

Unemployed? Do what I did 19 years ago. Go take a menial job. Offer to work for min. wage and they will hire you. Guess what? Unemployment in most states doesn't pay much more than that anyway. Or are we all too "elite" to mow lawns, run a register, lift boxes, or get our hands dirty?

It ain't easy. I've been there. (un/under employed for 2 years) But they should have thought of that while borrowing to buy that 55" plasma, going on vacations, and eating at Appleebee's before they had a couple years of savings at the least.

Americans continue to overspend. My wife could not get a table at a casual dining ($15/head w/ tip)restaurant at the mall this weekend at 2pm and noted that mall parking lots were quite full. That's how insane this "recession" is. Nothing short of Weimar-like suffering will sober us up, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Although some will try, I think it is too much to expect voluntary fiscal discipline. It will need to be imposed. That will be a funding and/or currency crisis. Why not get over with now and repeal legal tender laws?

Anonymous said...

Where do you live where menial jobs are still available? You need to be an illegal to mow a lawn around here. No offense to illegals but ...

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