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The Mess has Moved!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Please update your bookmarks, RSS readers, or any other means that you might have used to read what is written here because The Mess That Greenspan Made has moved to:

It will look and feel pretty much the same, however, the URL is much shorter and it's a lot easier for me to tell people how to find it. The new RSS and Twitter feeds are as follows:

I have no intention of abandoning this blog as it contains five years worth of reference material that, hopefully, will persist for a very long time. Unless something goes haywire at the new blog (and, yes, there is reason for concern after this 2007 debacle), I won't be posting anything new here again, but it will likely generate new comments for years to come (as is the case for the Hummer post back in 2005).

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