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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reform Bill Adds Layers of Oversight - NY Times
Fed weighs how and when to signal higher rates - AP
Euro ministers say have Greek aid plan if needed - Reuters
Senator Kaufman: Fraud Still At The Heart Of Wall Street - Baseline Scenario
Moody's fears social unrest as AAA states implement austerity plans - Telegraph
Dodd plan seems built for his legacy, not Wall Street - MarketWatch
Record numbers of Chinese complain about inflation - Telegraph
Where Have We Been; Where Are We Going? - Kunstler, CFN
Housing Recovery is Spelled R-E-O - HousingWire

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Crude Oil Advances, OPEC Gathers in Vienna - Bloomberg
Gold climbs towards $1,125/oz on weaker dollar, eyes Fed - Reuters
Technical Analyst Charles Nenner Predicts the Market May Crash in April - Zero Hedge
Gold and the current account deficit … and the US debt - Usable Markets
Gold Global Hedge Book down to just 236 tonnes - Mineweb
For CalSTRS, an investment bet that failed - LA Times

Housing construction drops 5.9 pct in February - AP
Import Prices Decreased in February More Than Anticipated - Bloomberg
Home builder confidence drops amid poor weather, glut of foreclosures - LA Times
Recession spurs some to stick with jobs for life - MarketWatch
A Crisis of Understanding - Shiller, Project Syndicate

EU calls for faster UK deficit cuts - BBC
China criticizes US pressure over currency - AP
Obama is 'playing with fire' over yuan - China Daily
European Union Puts Off New Rules for Hedge Funds - NY Times
EU Lays Groundwork for Greek Lifeline to Bolster Euro - Bloomberg
U.S. lawmakers urge action on China yuan policy - MarketWatch
China's trade surplus with US misread - China Daily
How to understand Japan - Telegraph

Loans Going Bad Faster Than the Fixes - Olick, CNBC
California foreclosure starts rise nearly 20% in February - Bloomberg
Stanislaus County tops for cheaters targeting lenders - Modesto Bee
Foreclosure Backlogs Are Worst in Florida, New York - WSJ

Fed seen renewing low rates, extended period vow - Reuters
Warren Expresses Guarded Support For Dodd FinReg Bill - FireDog Lake
Will Volcker Rule Survive In Dodd's Bill? Citigroup Is Betting That It Won't - HuffPo
Fed funds futures' murky outlook - MarketWatch
The Federal Reserve as Piggy Bank - WSJ

Hubby keeps house, wife takes roof - UPI
U.S. history textbooks could soon be flavored heavily with Texas conservatism - Y! News
Home Cooking on the Rise, Spurred by Economic Downturn - InfoZine
The Ides of March: Diary of a Doomed Day - LiveScience


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