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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fitch Downgrades Portugal on Budget Concerns - CNBC
Germany Seems to Signal a Compromise on Greece - NY Times
Bank of America to start reducing mortgage principal - Reuters
TARP watchdog slams Obama foreclosure program - CNN/Money
Those Who’ve Provided Intellectual Cover For The Bulls - Reformed Broker
Names at heart of free speech case - Nashua Telegraph
California To Home Buyers: Here’s $10,000 - WSJ
Americans... Hate... Everything - EconomPicData

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Oil falls under $81 as U.S. stocks build - Reuters
Gold Falls to One-Month Low as Stronger Dollar Curbs Demand - Bloomberg
BIG Short Position Building In Gasoline Futures - Hard Assets Investor
'Gold well supported at $1100, to hit $1,227 soon' - Commodity Online
Competing to Be the Greatest Fools - Financial Armageddon
10 reasons why this is not a bull market - MarketWatch

Durable-goods orders rise for 3rd straight month - MarketWatch
U.S. economic growth too slow to add jobs, forecast says - SF Gate
Stop panicking: Capitalism repeatedly recovers from financial crises - AidWatch
Post-bubble recessions unemployment by industry - iTulip
Moderate Inflation Versus Hyperinflation - Krugman, NY Times

Ten ways to spot a bubble in China - Credit Writedowns
Top German Economists Debate the Euro - Spiegel Online
Greece to Default ‘At Some Point,’ UBS’s Donovan Says - Bloomberg
Mutually beneficial U.S.-China relationship beginning to unravel - LA Times
Dealmakers meet to sort $26 billion Dubai World debt - Reuters
Explain why you sold Britain's gold, Gordon Brown told - Telegraph
"Short the China Bubble" Trend Is Spreading - China Stakes
Will Greece turn from euros to gyros? - CNN/Money

Huge Jump in Homes for Sale - Olick, CNBC
New and “Organic” Existing Home Sales Agree - Paper Economy
Home Prices Decline as Economist Sees Accelerated Double Dip - HousingWire
Are speculators back in the housing market? - O.C. Register

Fed's Plosser: Better rules needed to manage risk - Reuters
Homeowner Bailouts? Look Again - It's a Bank Bailout - Kid Dynamite
On Ben Bernanke's Pathological Inability To Learn Lessons Of The Past - Zero Hedge
Fed’s Yellen Plays Down Inflation Risks From Deficit, Fed Purchases - WSJ

Joe Biden's loose lips - BigPond
Health care reform and the Amish: What will it all mean? - Goshen News
What Can Economists Tell Us About Teenage Sexual Mores? - Freakonomics
California may vote on legalizing pot - LA Times


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