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The California SUV Fill Up Index at $4.10

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The very real possibility that the Hummer H2 will someday have to be removed from the list below is quite a sad one. When the California SUV Fill Up Index was resurrected a few months ago, it was found that the H1 was no longer in production and other gas guzzlers (actually diesel in the case of the H1) where going the way of the dodo bird.

That's just sad.

What's also sad is that we'll log about 800 miles this week.

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Aaron Krowne said...

What kind of mpg do you get, Tim?

I'll be putting probably close to 4000 miles on my car for trips this summer (I could fly, which would probably be cheaper, but I am partially boycotting flying). Luckily I get 30mpg on the highway under optimal conditions.

Tim said...

We get between 25-30 mpg with our Maxima - it's never cost more than $50 to fill up the tank, now we have to shop around to get it under $70.

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