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Sunday, March 15, 2009

G-20 Pledges to Restore Growth, Tackle Toxic Assets - Bloomberg
AIG pledges to revamp bonuses - CNN/Money
Jon Stewart puts spotlight on CNBC and meltdown - AP
Roubini: "Reflections on the latest sucker’s rally" - Calculated Risk
What do those who called the downturn think? - MarketWatch
Obama to unveil proposals to help small businesses - AP
Rep. Maxine Waters defends her work for minority-owned banks - LA Times
Is It Time To Turn Out The Lights? - Contrahour

OPEC yet to decide on compliance or more cuts - Reuters
Silver ETFs in big demand; Gold coins in short supply - Commodity Online
Bear's end? Wishing won't make it so - MSN Money
Gold Bulls No Bugs at All - Minyanville
Seeing Wall Street for what it is - LA Times
Wall Street: The rally test - CNN/Money

Preview: Production, Home Building Probably Fell - Bloomberg
Obama: 'I'm very confident' we'll be OK - CNN/Money
SF Chronicle union staffers ratify concessions - MarketWatch
California budget faces new $8-billion shortfall - LA Times
Cities Once Immune Now Suffering in Recession - Time

Obama: China can have confidence in America's economy - CHINADaily
G20 ministers push for more regulation - CNN/Money
Job centre crisis as ten bid for each vacancy - Guardian
G20 summit approves IMF cash boost - Telegraph
LA Port Import Traffic Collapses in February - Calculated Risk
Japan Vows More Spending, Backing American Stance - NY Times
Merkel, Brown minimize G20 differences - MarketWatch
Leaving it to the 'experts', who don't know what they're doing - Telegraph

Trump Sued by Condo Buyers Over Abandoned Baja Luxury Resort - Bloomberg
Some Miami Valley agents see positive signs in housing market - Dayton News
Plan to cut mortgage interest deduction stirs opposition - LA Times
Baby Boomers ‘Under Water’ - NY Times

Treasury soon to offer details on toxic-asset plan - Reuters
Q4 2008 Flow of Funds - Noland, Prudent Bear
If Fed eased liquidity, why's the economy still a basket case? - MarketWatch
At A.I.G., Good Luck Following the Money - NY Times

Jon Stewart can be funny -- until he's interviewing you - LA Times
Monkey 'kills cruel owner with coconut thrown from tree' - Telegraph
Stewart/Cramer: Who's This Song About? - Time


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